Care Automation

Home automation solutions for elderly people, disabled, retirement homes and nursing homes

Acquiring signals from wearable sensors and monitoring the fragile person

The new frontiers for assisting vulnerable people lead us to constructing homes designed to be integrated or connected to home care and telemedicine services platforms.
Home automation can be designed to track and monitor the person's state of health through sophisticated wearable and commonly available sensors, sensors with which is possible to comprehend his health condition and alarm family members In case of potential problems.

Solutions for disabled people

Valuable help to people with disabilities can be provided through home automation. We are able to intervene where there are special needs in order to facilitate all the simple actions that a physical problem can make complicated. By using portable devices such as smartphones, tablets or common infrared remote controls we can ensure complete home control, ensuring freedom of movement and ease of use. With special sensors, we can follow the person's way inside the house making him find the doors open and the lights on.

Nursing homes and retirement homes

Nursing homes for elderly people have a situation where you need a diversified monitoring of the environments. Home automation is an effective and safe solution to support these structures, offering:

  • a global control of the building reserved to the managing staff;
  • a simplified control entrusted to patients that are able to self-manage simple commands such as lighting of room, control the TV or the audio diffusion, requests of help.
Each zone is kept under control thanks to the cameras integrated into the system and thanks to specific alarms. Patients can be monitored by sensors to follow their movements, for example.

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Home automation solutions for homes, commercial and industrial exercises, for nursing homes, rest homes and disabled people.
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