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The passive house

From 2020 every new home will have to meet the standards defined in Europe with Directive 2010/31 / EU.
We will measure ourselves with a new way of building and managing the house. We can offer you an integrated solution for system management and an automation management from your smartphone.
We have significant experiences in automating the passive house and we are perfectly able to support designers and installers who are facing a project of this nature.

Systems integration

The integration of all the plants allows for maximum efficiency as well as simple and reliable management. The house's systems can modify their operation based on the owner's needs and the present conditions. This can be added to all the possibilities offered by automation: security and anti-intrusion, video surveillance, entertainment, scenarios.

What is meant by integration

By way of example we consider controlling the irradiation of the property through a motorized sunblind system. When we talk about integration, we mean the management of the sunblind motorization, taking into account different variables such as season, time, required internal brightness, temperature, weather conditions, owner's requirements (scenarios).

Exclusive solutions with a high aesthetic value

We have selected accessories with high aesthetic value as well as functional. We can offer you the opportunity to create an absolutely exclusive home with solutions that represent the state of the art both in terms of performance and design. Large screens, built-in audio speakers, bluetooth connections to spread out your smartphone's music, hidden cameras, and more.

Exclusive solutions with a high aesthetic value

Consumptions contabilization

Awareness of how your own behaviors affect resource consumption is the first step to modifying them.
We offer both a numerical and graphical view of the same, so as to make the owner aware.

Consumptions contabilization

Android and iOS interface

We have made simple and intuitive a wide and structured management. Through the smartphone it is possible to manage 100% of the building automation. It is easy to remotely check your home's state, be alarmed if something unusual happens, change any settings if there are reasons that make it necessary.

Services for designers and installers

We offer to designers free assistance on all the issues of home automation starting from project goals. To installers, assistance at construction site. An excellent result and a satisfied customer are achieved by following all phases of the project up to the test.

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Rasotto domos

We deal with Industrial automation from forty years. Since 1998 we develop our Home Automation line.
Who is looking for performance, ensured reliability, innovative and quality products, pre and post sales support, will find satisfaction in the Rasotto's proposals with the pleasant surprise of getting all at competitive prices.


Home automation solutions for homes, commercial and industrial exercises, for nursing homes, rest homes and disabled people.
Tailored solutions for every specific needs.

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